The Top 21 Places For e Digging Online: Vinyl Record Blogs & YouTube Crates

Are you having trouble finding good records to sample online? Are you tired of paying $10 for vinyl records every time you want to make a beat on Maschine?

The following Youtube video will show you  in 5-steps eDigging on Maschine:


eDigging is the best way to get your hands on an unlimited supply of the best records in the world, for FREE. In this article we will hook you up with my 21 favorite eDigging spots online.
After checking out the resources  links in this article, you’ll have enough music to last you for a LIFETIME of sampling on Maschine (for free).


YouTube Channels:

I can hear you saying it already. “Rob, music on YouTube is compressed.” Truthfully, I don’t care. I really don’t mind getting lesser quality audio off of YouTube. I find that there really isn’t much of an audible difference.

Especially after you add your FX chain, drums and build the beat with supporting instruments. Here are my favorite YouTube sample spots:

  1. Ill Tal Beats: some of the best classic hip hop records are all categorized and credited
  2. Socrates VD: a great collection of 60’s era records
  3. Ciabbill: foreign records. I’ve founds some cool sounds here
  4. Jaffas JazMan’s Vault: jazz fusion records. If you’re into unique sounds, check this out
  5. Polido Nobre: a great collection of bossanova and easy listening music
  6. Smell The Crates: high-quality records in here, buncha good ’70’s stuff
  7. Palacio Farnesio:  a dope collection of international records.
  8. Pharomba: if you like trippy sounds to sample from, this is your spot.
  9. The Coffee Shop’s Room: another pretty cool collection of international records.
  10. Turquoise Hexagonable: the records speak for themselves.
  11. Soul On Your Side: if you like soul records. This is that deal.
  12. Psychedelic Guy: psychedelic rock: synths, guitars, drums, organs. Trippy.


Vinyl Blogs:

If you absolutely have to have the best quality audio available, sample blogs are a good resource.

Most sample blogs allow you to download a lossless (vinyl quality) audio file. The advantage of sample blogs is that you can download entire albums at once, which really comes in handy if you want to save some time.

Another advantage of sample blogs is that they are curated. Meaning that sample blogs are the work of one person.

They represent that person’s tastes and musical interests. Chances are if you find someones blog that you connect with, they’ll have a treasure trove of good music for you to listen to.

  1. Vinyl Frontier: I’ve been exposed to some awesome music here.
  2. Blaq’s Lossless Worldwide: lossless 12″ records of all genres.
  3. Soul Funk 80’s: soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B from the 70’s and 80’s
  4. Into the Rhythm: lot’s of Jazz records. But really a bunch of everything.
  5. Lossless World: jazz, blues, you name it. They got it.
  6. Never Enough Rhodes: dedicated to the Rhodes Piano: chords, keys, etc.
  7. Derek’s Daily 45: the entire blog is dedicated to cool singles.
  8. Vinyl Genius: a bunch of gems.
  9. Funk My Soul: another great resource.

This is enough music to keep you occupied for a while.