5 Best Free VST Plugins for Maschine Beat Makers

What Are VST’s, First of All?

What I’m going to do right now is give you a collection of the best free VSTs out there  that allow you to get the professional sound you’re looking for, without dropping a dime.

VST’s are pieces of software made to help you manipulate your audio signals. VST’s are created to emulate traditional studio gear like compressors, equalizers, tape machines, etc. They’re really important step to creating more professional quality mixes right inside of Maschine (or any DAW for that matter).


Why Use Free VST’s?

I don’t need to explain how powerful Maschine’s stock plugins can be. But sometimes Maschine’s stock set of FX just isn’t good enough. Here’s a list of some great quality free VST’s for you to use in your beats to really amp up the quality of your productions.

If you have been in the market for VST’s lately you know how insanely expensive some of them can get. Not to say that these expensive VST’s aren’t worth the price, but there are some free options out there that will do the job. Here Are Some of My Favorite Free Plugins to Make Beats:

  • Flux Stereo Tool: Widening the stereo field is a technique used a lot by professional audio engineers. This free stereoscopic tool is really handy for manipulating the stereo width of your samples to give it a more polished and professional sound.
  • Audio Damage Rough Rider Compressor: This this is a beast of a compressor. Hands down, my favorite free one. If you don’t have it yet, I don’t know what you’re doing. I use this compressor on a large majority of my sounds. And, I even use it on my master FX chain. It really delivers some really great results, especially compared to Maschine’s stock compressor.
  • Loud Max Limiter: This is a really good limiter to use on your master channel to get some good volume out of your mix without digital clipping. It only has two controls so Its really simple and straight forward to use.
  • TAL line of FX: Ok, so this one is not a single plugin. It’s a suite of some really dope plugins. The great people over a Togu Audio Lines have put together a bunch of really handy, simple to use plugins to help us make better music. I’d highly recommend downloading the tube saturator, the noise maker, the bit crusher, the filter, and the reverb. Really, you might as well download all of them. They’re really that good.
  • Blue Cat Triple EQ: This is a really useful tool to equalize with. It gives you a really easy to use interface with multiple points of control. As you already know, I’m not the biggest fan of Maschine stock EQ plugin, this really can help you take your EQ’ing to the next level if you don’t want to fork over a few hundred bucks for a more precise EQ like iZotope oZone.



How To Download And Use These Plugins in Maschine:

So, once you have all of these sweet plugins downloaded onto your computer, you obviously want to be able to use them in your next Maschine beat. I’ll walk you though the process of loading you shiny new plugins in Maschine:

  1. Create a specific folder for all of your VST’s, label it and put your folder somewhere on your hard drive that you will not move it.
  2. Download the proper version of the VST. Make sure its compatible with your operating system, save it to your new folder.
  3. Unzip your VST (it should automatically save the VST file in this folder)
  4. Go into Maschine’s preferences tab > Plugins > Locations > press “add” … a prompt will come up asking you to find the location where you saved your VST’s. This will permanently add the location of your VST folder so that you can save more VST’s here later. When you download a new VST simple open up this preferences tab again and press ‘rescan’ to rescan your VST folder and add them.


How to Load Your Plugin in Maschine:

  1. Press the drop down tab > “Plug-ins” and then choose the plugin that you want to load in Maschine
  2. Once the plugin is loaded in the bank, click the plugin window in order to see the plugin.
  3. You can adjust the preset macros of the plugin using the knobs on Maschine if you’d like. So, if you’d like to automate one of these parameters you can.
  4. You can also scroll to different parameters of the plugin using the page tab.

You’ve now got a bunch of cool plugins to get you started. But, I’m sure you have ran across some great free VST’s that didn’t make this list. Share the love below in the comments, tell us about your favorite free VSTs.